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Beats By DysFunk Episode 4

HiL has just released another episode of his popular beat making series, "Beats by DysFunk." In this latest episode, HiL takes us through his process of chopping up a Blues sample to create a unique beat that is sure to get your head nodding.

The episode starts with HiL selecting a Blues sample from his vast collection of vinyl records. He then proceeds to chop up the sample, this time using an iPad. HiL takes his time with this process, carefully listening to each individual sound and deciding which parts to keep and which parts to discard. He uses an MPD which is connected to the iPad to trigger different parts of the sample, creating a rhythm that forms the backbone of the beat.

Once the sample has been chopped up to his satisfaction, HiL moves on to layering in additional drums and percussion. He uses a combination of drum samples and live recordings to give the beat a more organic feel. HiL's drums are always crisp and punchy, and this beat is no exception. He carefully balances the levels of each element to ensure that everything sits nicely in the mix.

As the beat starts to take shape, HiL adds in some bass to give it some weight. He uses a combination of synthesized and sampled bass sounds to create a groove that will get your head nodding. HiL is a master at layering different sounds together to create a cohesive whole, and this beat is a perfect example of his skills.

The episode ends with HiL adding some final touches to the beat in order to provide a little “flavor.”

This latest episode of "Beats by DysFunk" is a testament to HiL's skills as a producer. His ability to take a sample and turn it into a fully-formed beat is truly impressive. And the best part? This is just one episode in a series of many with more to come! So if you're a fan of hip-hop or just love watching the creative process in action, be sure to check out "Beats by DysFunk" for more incredible beats and behind-the-scenes footage of HiL at work. You can watch the episode below.

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