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DysFunk 2021 - (Released 2021)

Updated: Apr 15, 2023

DysFunk 2021:

If you are a fan of hip hop music, you might want to check out the latest album from The DysFunktional Family from Athens, OH. The album is called DysFunk 2021 and it was released on September 11, 2021.

The album contains 24 tracks that include original songs from their previous album 'DysFunk 2020' as well as all new remixes from different producers. The remixes add a fresh twist to the already dope tracks, giving them a new flavor and vibe.

Some of the producers that contribute to the album are TiZ, VLNS Beats, Thoughbeat, Don Johnson, Indiglow, ookami, and The DysFunktional Family themselves. Each producer brings their own style and skills to the table, creating a diverse and dynamic sound.

The album is a showcase of hard hitting boom bap drums that set the ground floor under a wide variety of samples used by the producers. The samples range from soulful vocals, funky guitars, jazzy horns, classic movie dialogues, and more. The drums are crisp and punchy, providing a solid foundation for the MCs to spit their bars.

The MCs of The DysFunktional Family are Emcee Schwartz and HiL. They deliver their lyrics with skill and passion, covering topics such as life, love, hip hop culture, social issues, and personal struggles. They also display their humor and creativity with witty wordplay, clever metaphors, and catchy hooks. Joining them on DysFunk 2021 are djones and doxcity, as well as hip hop giants Canibus and Pacewon.

If you are looking for some quality hip hop music that is original, authentic, and fun, you should definitely give DysFunk 2021 a listen. You will not be disappointed by the beats, the rhymes, or the vibes. You can stream or download the album from the player below, or any of the links to your favorite streaming service. You can also watch their latest music video for their song "Run" on YouTube or here.

The DysFunktional Family is a group that represents the true essence of hip hop: creativity, expression, and community. They are not afraid to be themselves and share their stories with the world. They are also constantly evolving and improving their craft. With DysFunk 2021, they prove that they are still relevant and ready to rock the mic.

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