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Listen to an interview with The DysFunktional Family on the ‘Say What You Mean’ podcast.

The DysFunktional Family recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by Jéan P for the 88th episode of his podcast, "Say What You Mean." It was an exciting and meaningful experience for us, as we have known Jéan P for nearly 15 years.

During the interview, we had the chance to discuss our music, inspirations, and creative process with Jéan P. We talked about how we draw inspiration from a variety of genres, and how our music reflects our personal experiences and struggles. We talked inspiration. And we spoke about our hometown of Athens, Ohio.

One of the most enjoyable parts of the interview was when Jéan P asked us about our plans for the future. We shared that we're currently working on our sixth album, which we're hoping to release soon. Additionally, we discussed our desire to tour and perform live again soon once the new album is finished.

Overall, the interview with Jéan P was an incredible opportunity for us to connect with our fans and share our music with a wider audience. We're passionate about our craft and deeply committed to creating music that resonates with our listeners. We're grateful for the experience, and we hope to continue making music that inspires and connects with our fans for years to come.

You can listen to the episode wherever you listen to podcasts using the link below:

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