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The DysFunktional Family - Live @ Casa Cantina - 3/1/22

Updated: Apr 15, 2023

We had the pleasure of joining our good friends, Larry Elefante, for one hell of a party on Fat Tuesday this year at Casa Cantina. TiZ started out the night spinning some records to get the party started, and it TiZ fashion it was banger after banger. We got to play for about 30 minutes. You can watch the entire performance above. You can see a dude in the crowd at the bottom of the video, who happens to be local MC The Jack of Hearts. He stopped by the show and ended up filming the entire performance as well. We'll be using the footage he took to create some individual videos for the songs we performed that night.

Larry Elefante ended the night with an amazing performance. They have so many guest players, that stage gets full of amazing musicians quick. Brass players, multiple singers, percussionists, drummer, guitars, the whole shabang. Midway through their show, they did a second line and marched from Casa to the Athens Courthouse and back. This is Larry Elefante's 6th or 7th Fat Tuesday show at Casa, and he told it was one of the best. And maybe it's because we played there, but we happen to agree.

For the first time what seems forever, masks were not required either. The recent mask mandates have been lifted, so we finally were able to feel like everything was "normal." Nobody was worrying about masks, COVID, or vaccines. Everyone was there to have a good time and listen to some good music. It felt good. We hope to see you out there again soon.

- The DysFunktional Family

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