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Upcoming Album Announcement - The DysFunktional Family Vacation

We are excited to announce to all of our DysFunktional Family members that we are currently working on our next album. This will be our 6th studio album as a group. Today is the day we are officially releasing the name of the album to the public:

The DysFunktional Family Vacation

We are returning to our roots a bit, and going back to the themed DysFunktional Family album name. This one is called "Vacation" mainly because we are taking a vacation from our normal production. In all of our previous albums, including our solo albums, we (HiL and Emcee Schwartz) have always done our own production/beat-making. The DysFunktional Family Vacation will feature beats produced by TiZ, who is the mind bending DJ that performs with us. Since TiZ is taking over the beat-making side of things, it's sort of like a "vacation" for us.

As of right now, the only specific detail we can reveal is that we are TRYING get this album released sometime in 2022 this year. Of course, we will be sharing more details and teasers as the days go by (song snippets, beat snippets, behind the scenes, album art, etc.....), so keep an eye out. Remember you can stay up to date with all things DysFunk here at and also @DysFunkFam on all social media.

We have been working on the album for a while and are really excited to start sharing more with you. Lots of great stuff to hear, but that same ole' DysFunktional Feel.

We look forward to sharing!

- The DysFunktional Family

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